Nu-Metal has been experiencing a resurgence lately, and OTEP's concert on April 19th at The Forge in Joliet, IL, was a testament to this. OTEP and her band shared the stage with other talented acts, including Doyle of the iconic Misfits and Red Devil Vortex, all of whom put on an incredible show.

OTEP is a well-known figure in the music scene, famous for her unapologetic and outspoken attitude. This aspect of her personality was evident throughout the concert, as she commanded the stage and the audience with her powerful presence. The second opening song was "Fillthee," a bone-chilling track from her "Sevas Tra" album. I paused for a moment, while still in the photo pit, as OTEP delivered the lyrics, "I can't get his scent off of me," as those lyrics in particular really hit me. Her entire set was full of passion and she put on an incredible powerhouse performance.

OTEP's vocal delivery was spot-on, as she flawlessly conveyed her recordings to the live performance. Her stage presence was equally impressive, as she and her band delivered a visually stunning show. The lyrics of her songs were a call to be true to oneself in a world that can be harsh and unforgiving. And the stage was bathed in crimson light, adding to the overall dramatic effect of the show. At the start of "Blood Pigs," another song from the "Sevas Tra" album, OTEP brought out her iconic realistic pig head prop, which had the crowd roaring with excitement.

Overall it was an immense pleasure to both experience her live performance as well as capture it.

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